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What size are the prints?

 2x6" or 4x6"  You get to choose!  Just let us know before the event which you prefer.  


How long does it take to get the prints?

Our top of the line, dye-sublimation printer spits out prints in just 6-8 seconds!  We LOVE this because your guests can pose, smile and snap more photos instead of spending time waiting in line!


Do all of the prints have the same layout?

No, they don't have to!  We can customize your experience by creating a variety of layouts for your guests to choose from.  However, it's best to live by the K.I.S.S. method - Keep It Simple Silly!  You can choose from a variety of 2x6 options, as well as a bunch of 4x6 layout options.  


Are there filter options?

Oh YES!  We have many filter options including the oldies, but goodies (B/W, Sepia, Color) and some fun new ones, too! (Warhol, night vision, sketch, and more.) Feel free to ask us when you book your event!  Again, it's better to use the K.I.S.S. method so your guests don't spend TOO much time having to make decisions.  Honestly, we recommend sticking to good old color and B/W.


Are props included?

Absolutely!  We have lots of fun props to choose from!  Of course, if you have your own props that are theme specific for your event, you are welcome to use those, too!  When you book with us, be sure to let us know what types of props you'd like us to bring.


Are there any other fees?

At Flashes of Fun we believe that almost everything should be included in your rental cost.  However, we do offer custom artwork for our green screen, so that will cost you extra, as will any art work that takes more time than usual for a border/frame.  What can we say?  Our graphic designer is a super genius and his time and talent is worth a bit!  (We also offer photo albums and flash drives for a small added price if it isn't already included in your chosen package.)


When will the Fun Facilitator arrive at our event?

We want to guarantee the best experience possible, so our Fun Facilitator will arrive on average 45-60 minutes before your event begins. We don't want you to have to worry about whether we're ready to rock and roll or not. We're always ready to have fun when it's time! 


What kind of background will we have?

We have a 7'x7' framed backdrop in white, as well as our green screen.  Our super genius graphic artist can create nearly any type of border/frame that will print right on each photo.  Do you have a special date or logo you want included?  Are you branding an event?  No problem! We can even add other fun surprises into photos such as life sized squirrels or other critters that can "appear" in the photo with you and your guests!  Do you want a fire breathing dragon in the picture?  We can do that, too!  We are limited only by your imagination and the talents of our artist.  (Of course, as mentioned above, custom artwork will cost extra.)

BTW, you don't HAVE to use a backdrop if you already have a cool wall or other background in mind!


Can we share photos on social media?

YES!  Let us know at time of booking that you would like to include social media sharing and we'll be sure to have it set up and ready to go for your event.  Guests can text or email photos to themselves, as well as post to Twitter, Facebook, and more!   


This all sounds great, but can the Flashes of Fun Photo Station do anything else?

Video messaging, animated GIFS and Slow motion video are all additional options!  


Anything else?

Oh, yes!  Did we forget to mention we can collect data for you and your company?  Just be sure to let us know if you'd like a database of everyone who logs into the photo station.  The Flashes of Fun photo station can also be used to take surveys!


Is that all?

Well, we use a professional DSLR camera, DNP DP-DS620 printer, Studio strobe with umbrella, and a high-definition web camera.  Oh, and we have one of the biggest interactive touch screen monitors around, measuring a whoppin' 32-inches! 


How do we reserve our date and time?

Contact us at or call Daelyn at 303-903-4118.  


*A 50% deposit payable by cash, check or charge is due at time of booking to hold date and time.  The remaining balance is due at time of service.


*Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is made within 48 hours of event.  Why?  Because we have set our schedule around your event, and all artwork, programming of photo station, etc. will have been completed by that time.  Thanks for understanding.


*If remaining payment is not made at time of service, late fees will be assessed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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